free toddler activities

Looking for screen-free activities for your toddler? Grab your 15-Page FREE Toddler Activities Bundle (…OR scroll down to get the COMPLETE 85-Page Ultimate Preschool Busy Book!)

Get 15 valuable pages to make learning fun for your child!

Your 15-Page Free Toddler Activities Bundle includes:

  • FUN Printable Matching and Sorting Activities
  • Also includes Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer Coloring Pages
  • Prints well in Color or Black & White

What do you have to lose?

Interested in the FULL 85-page Ultimate Preschool Busy Book?

free toddler activities

The Ultimate Preschool Busy Book by Good Mom Living is jam-packed with 85 Color PDF printable pages! This Preschool Activity Book has it ALL: Preschool Activity Worksheets, Alphabet Letter Coloring Pages, Number Workbook, and More!

Here’s what’s included in these printable toddler activities:

  • Fun and Engaging Worksheets
    • Circle the birds activity
    • Connect the same ones activity
    • Match the shapes sorting activity
    • Fruit size sorting activity
    • Match the body parts activity
    • Match the animals activity
    • Match the colors activity
    • Match the weather activity
    • Complete the picture activity
    • Put on the pizza toppings activity
    • Animal puzzles activity
  • Alphabet Printables
    • A through Z Alphabet Coloring Pages with Animals
  • Coloring Pages
    • ​Dog Coloring Book
    • Toddler Coloring Activities
    • Alphabet Coloring Printables
  • Number Workbook
    • Super Pack Number Workbook (Zero through Ten)
    • Trace and Write Letters

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As a mom of two toddler boys, I know how hectic life can get. I am so grateful I have these toddler activity pages to keep my kids entertained! Once you start using these printable activity pages, your kids will start learning and having screen-free fun for hours!