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middle names for olivia

Are you searching for the perfect middle name for your child’s name Olivia? Finding beautiful middle names for Olivia just got a whole lot easier!

Olivia is such a popular girl’s name and there are so many beautiful middle names that go with it!

Your baby’s first name Olivia has a Latin origin meaning “olive tree” and “peace.”

The name Olivia has been the top girl’s name in the United States from 2018 to 2022, according to data in 2023 from the Social Security Administration.

Olivia is one of the prettiest girl names and all your family members and friends will love it too!

Olivia is the feminine form of the boy’s name Oliver, and has an earthy and nature-inspired feel to it.

In Greek mythology, the olive tree is known to be the symbol of peace and friendship, hence the phrase “to extend an olive branch.”  This phrase means an offer of peace or reconciliation and also has biblical origins from the Book of Genesis.  Once the flood was over, an olive branch was brought back to Noah’s ark by a dove.

Congratulations on choosing such a beautiful first name for your little girl!  Now it’s time to pick the perfect name for your baby’s middle name.

Read below to find 222+ elegant middle names for Olivia:

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Elegant Middle Names

  • Olivia Adaire
  • Olivia Abigail
  • Olivia Adelaide
  • Olivia Amber
  • Olivia Anne
  • Olivia Antoinette
  • Olivia Beatrix
  • Olivia Charlotte
  • Olivia Coralie
  • Olivia Daisy
  • Olivia Elise
  • Olivia Florence
  • Olivia Gracielle
  • Olivia Hazel
  • Olivia Jade
  • Olivia Joy
  • Olivia June
  • Olivia Kate
  • Olivia Marigold
  • Olivia Pearl
  • Olivia Piper
  • Olivia Rosalie
  • Olivia Ruby
  • Olivia Sage
  • Olivia Verity

Perfect Middle Name

  • Olivia Camille
  • Olivia Celeste
  • Olivia Colette
  • Olivia Corinne
  • Olivia Estelle
  • Olivia Faye
  • Olivia Fleur
  • Olivia Ines
  • Olivia Janelle
  • Olivia Jasmine
  • Olivia Jocelyn
  • Olivia Jolene
  • Olivia Josette
  • Olivia Juliet
  • Olivia Juniper
  • Olivia Opal
  • Olivia Ophelia
  • Olivia Maude
  • Olivia Riley
  • Olivia Ruby
  • Olivia Scarlett
  • Olivia Serafina
  • Olivia Skylar
  • Olivia Sydney
middle names for the name olivia

Great Middle Names

  • Olivia Alice
  • Olivia Aria
  • Olivia Camila
  • Olivia Danielle
  • Olivia Elizabeth
  • Olivia Elle
  • Olivia Emily
  • Olivia Gabrielle
  • Olivia Gianna
  • Olivia Isla
  • Olivia Jane
  • Olivia Josephine
  • Olivia Kate
  • Olivia Madeline
  • Olivia Madison
  • Olivia Mae
  • Olivia Maeve
  • Olivia May
  • Olivia Ophelia
  • Olivia Star
  • Olivia Stormi
  • Olivia Tulip
  • Olivia Xena

Unique Middle Names

  • Olivia Amara
  • Olivia Astrid
  • Olivia Clover
  • Olivia Elodie
  • Olivia Eloise
  • Olivia Fawn
  • Olivia Faye
  • Olivia Flora
  • Olivia Imogen
  • Olivia James
  • Olivia Jaylani
  • Olivia Jett
  • Olivia Lilac
  • Olivia Maya
  • Olivia Ocean
  • Olivia Olive
  • Olivia Orchid
  • Olivia Piper
  • Olivia Reese
  • Olivia Reign
  • Olivia River
  • Olivia Skye

One Syllable Middle Names for Olivia

  • Olivia Ash
  • Olivia Bea
  • Olivia Belle
  • Olivia Beth
  • Olivia Blaire
  • Olivia Blake
  • Olivia Bliss
  • Olivia Brooke
  • Olivia Cass
  • Olivia Delle
  • Olivia Elle
  • Olivia Eve
  • Olivia Faith
  • Olivia Fawn
  • Olivia Faye
  • Olivia Gray
  • Olivia Hope
  • Olivia Jean
  • Olivia Jem
  • Olivia Jude
  • Olivia Lux
  • Olivia Rae
  • Olivia Reign
  • Olivia Rose
  • Olivia Zen
cute middle name for girl

Two Syllable Names

  • Olivia Aubrey
  • Olivia Autumn
  • Olivia Chloe
  • Olivia Eden
  • Olivia Erin
  • Olivia Hayden
  • Olivia Hazel
  • Olivia Lucy
  • Olivia Lyla
  • Olivia Nicole
  • Olivia Noelle
  • Olivia Marie
  • Olivia Molly
  • Olivia Orchid
  • Olivia Paisley
  • Olivia Parker
  • Olivia Peyton
  • Olivia Phoebe
  • Olivia Remi
  • Olivia Riley
  • Olivia Rowan
  • Olivia Sadie

Favorite Middle Names

  • Olivia Alessia
  • Olivia Audrey
  • Olivia Avery
  • Olivia Autumn
  • Olivia Blair
  • Olivia Bridgette
  • Olivia Bree
  • Olivia Christine
  • Olivia Claire
  • Olivia Daphne
  • Olivia Eve
  • Olivia Felicity
  • Olivia Grace
  • Olivia Harper
  • Olivia Hazel
  • Olivia Isabella
  • Olivia Jayla
  • Olivia James
  • Olivia Joelle
  • Olivia Juliana
  • Olivia June
  • Olivia Layla
  • Olivia Acacia
  • Olivia Adalyn
  • Olivia Anastasia
  • Olivia Angel
  • Olivia Angelique
  • Olivia Annabelle
  • Olivia Aphrodite
  • Olivia Arielle
  • Olivia Astrid
  • Olivia Athena
  • Olivia Aurora
  • Olivia Lynn
  • Olivia Mia
  • Olivia Opal
  • Olivia Penelope
  • Olivia Peyton
  • Olivia Quinn
  • Olivia Scarlett
  • Olivia Sienna
  • Olivia Sophia
  • Olivia Theodora
  • Olivia Winter
  • Olivia Alicia
  • Olivia Adeline
  • Olivia Alex
  • Olivia Ariana
  • Olivia Ariel
  • Olivia Aubree
  • Olivia Aurora
  • Olivia Bethany
  • Olivia Bonnie
  • Olivia Camila
  • Olivia Catherine
  • Olivia Emily
  • Olivia Evelyn
  • Olivia Gail
  • Olivia Kate
  • Olivia Ivy
  • Olivia Leah
  • Olivia Lily
  • Olivia Serena
  • Olivia Sophia
  • Olivia Victoria
  • Olivia Violet
  • Olivia Zoe
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Cute Middle Names for Olivia

  • Olivia Brielle
  • Olivia Celeste
  • Olivia Darling
  • Olivia Eden
  • Olivia Diamond
  • Olivia Giovanna
  • Olivia Grey
  • Olivia Jordyn
  • Olivia Jasmine
  • Olivia Leilani
  • Olivia Molly
  • Olivia Paris
  • Olivia Poppy
  • Olivia Presley
  • Olivia Quinley
  • Olivia Rae
  • Olivia Ruth
  • Olivia Savannah
  • Olivia Willow
  • Olivia Victoria

Guide to Picking the Perfect Middle Name for Olivia

Step 1: What is the meaning of the middle name for Olivia?

If you are going to name your baby girl Olivia, you will want to consider the meaning behind the middle name you choose. The meaning behind a second name is often a powerful force behind families choosing one name over another. It is common to pick a middle name special to your family tradition and heritage.

Step 2: Does the middle name fit well with Olivia?

A first name and middle name need to flow well together with the last name. Consider the length of the first and middle names and how they sound with the family name. If the first and last names are short, which is the case with the first name Olivia, then either a long or short middle name would work well.

Step 3: Sound it out.

Practice saying the first, middle, and last names together out loud. Do you like the way it sounds?

Practice writing the names down. Do you like the way it looks?

Typing the names in different fonts is a great way to see how the names would look in various fonts.

Step 4: Pick your middle name!

Congratulations! You chose your middle name for Olivia and now you have the perfect name! Now comes the fun part… when will you share your name with friends and family? Will you wait until the baby is born? Or will you spill the beans sooner to close friends and family members? The decision is completely up to you!

About the Name Olivia

Olivia was the most popular female name in 2022 according to the Social Security Administration.

Olivia was derived from the Latin word oliva, meaning “olive, olive tree, and peace.”

William Shakespeare is often credited with the first literary origins of the name Olivia.  He named his heroine Olivia in his comedy Twelfth Night (c. 1600).

The olive tree is a universal symbol of peace and comfort, which is why the name Olivia also means peace in addition to the olive and olive tree.  

People named Olivia are described as:

  • Magnetic
  • Curious
  • Fearless
  • Adventurous
  • Clever
  • Witty
  • Optimistic
best middle name for girl

Cute Nicknames for Olivia

Here are similar names that are used as nicknames for Olivia:

  • Liv
  • Livi
  • Livia
  • Livie
  • Livvi
  • Livvy
  • Livy
  • Oliva
  • Olive
  • Oliver
  • Ollie
  • Olly
  • Olz

Sibling Names that go with Olivia

Here are some great name ideas for siblings of Olivia:

  • Oliva and Alexis
  • Oliva and Apollo
  • Oliva and Audrey
  • Oliva and Benjamin
  • Oliva and Charlotte
  • Oliva and Emma
  • Oliva and Grace
  • Oliva and Henry
  • Oliva and Isabella
  • Oliva and Ivy
  • Oliva and Liam
  • Oliva and Louisa
  • Oliva and Lucas
  • Oliva and Noah
  • Oliva and Ophelia
  • Oliva and Sebastian
  • Oliva and Sophia
  • Oliva and Theodore
  • Oliva and Violet

Famous People named Olivia

Here are some famous people named Olivia:

  • Olivia, in Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night
  • Olivia, in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Olivia Newton-John (1948–2022), Starred as Sandy in the musical Grease
  • Olivia of Palermo (448–463), a Christian martyr
  • Olivia Wilde (Actress)
  • Olivia Isabel Rodrigo (born in 2003), American singer-songwriter
  • Olivia Munn (born in 1980), American actress and television host

Top Choices For Your Little Girl Olivia

Picking a middle name for your baby girl Olivia can be tough but exciting!

Preparing for a new baby comes with so many things to research and prepare!

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My Thoughts on Baby’s Middle Name for Olivia

Olivia is such a popular name among baby girls! It was ranked the number one baby girl name of 2022 and 2023 and was in the top 10 since the early 2000s.

 It is such a beautiful name for baby girls and there are so many middle names that go with Olivia! You can’t go wrong with most middle names.   With a name like Olivia, there aren’t too many names that don’t go with it!

The most amazing part about the name Olivia is that there are so many adorable middle name combinations that sound great too! It’s no wonder that Olivia is gaining such popularity.

There are so many good middle names for girls. So, what is the secret to picking the best middle name?

My advice is to go with your gut. If you keep thinking about a certain middle name, there is probably a reason why.  Also, be sure to consider how your last name sounds with the first and middle name combination.  This could certainly be a contributing factor to your final choice!

Take your time picking a middle name for your daughter.  It’s exciting that you have narrowed down a first name choice! You should be proud of that!   Enjoy researching and coming up with creative middle names.  You can decide to pick a middle name that is as unique as you want!

Good luck!

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