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Looking for the perfect middle name for your future daughter Aurora is no easy task. There are so many great middle names out there, but these are truly the 75 best middle names for Aurora.

Here are some interesting facts about Aurora that draw many people to it. The Aurora Borealis, also known as the northern lights, are beautiful light displays that occur naturally in the northern hemisphere. However, the Aurora Polaris describes both natural phenomena in both hemispheres. In addition, the name Aurora has attracted many Disney lovers because of the famous Aurora from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

With a celestial name like Aurora, it’s no wonder the Social Security Administration has reported an increase in popularity since the early 2000s and ranked Aurora the 36th most popular girl’s name in 2021. According to BabyCenter, Aurora has already ranked the #3 most popular baby girl name for 2023.  Read below to find the 75 best middle names for Aurora:

Perfect Middle Name

  • Aurora Annalise
  • Aurora Beatrice
  • Aurora Belle
  • Aurora Brooke
  • Aurora Daphne
  • Aurora Estelle
  • Aurora Eve
  • Aurora Grace
  • Aurora Hazel
  • Aurora Jane
  • Aurora Jocelyn
  • Aurora Joelle
  • Aurora Lilac
  • Aurora Maeve
  • Aurora Rose

Best Middle Names

  • Aurora Adalyn
  • Aurora Evangeline
  • Aurora Iris
  • Aurora Jade
  • Aurora Jasmine
  • Aurora Ruth
  • Aurora Savannah
  • Aurora Seraphina
  • Aurora Valentina
  • Aurora Violet
  • Aurora Vivian
  • Aurora Willa
  • Aurora Yvette
  • Aurora Zella

Great Middle Names

  • Aurora Blair
  • Aurora Brielle
  • Aurora Celeste
  • Aurora Chloe
  • Aurora Dawn
  • Aurora Faye
  • Aurora Hailey
  • Aurora Juliet
  • Aurora Lavender
  • Aurora Mae
  • Aurora Magnolia
  • Aurora Phoebe
  • Aurora Robyn
  • Aurora Rosalie
  • Aurora Sapphire
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Unique Middle Names

  • Aurora Astrid
  • Aurora Bellatrix
  • Aurora Delphi
  • Aurora Gaia
  • Aurora Hyacinth
  • Aurora Ivy
  • Aurora Isla
  • Aurora June
  • Aurora Juniper
  • Aurora Leilani
  • Aurora Lotus
  • Aurora Lucia
  • Aurora Moon
  • Aurora Olive
  • Aurora Pearl
  • Aurora Piper
  • Aurora Priya
  • Aurora Reese
  • Aurora Sage
  • Aurora Skye
  • Aurora Willow

Traditional Middle Names

  • Aurora Bridget
  • Aurora Claire
  • Aurora Deborah
  • Aurora Eloise
  • Aurora Estelle
  • Aurora Faith
  • Aurora Gabrielle
  • Aurora Hope
  • Aurora Jessica
  • Aurora Lorelei
  • Aurora Meredith
  • Aurora Nicole
  • Aurora Paige
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Guide to Picking the Perfect Middle Name for Aurora

Step 1: What is the meaning of the middle name for Aurora?

When picking a middle name, be sure to consider any special meaning behind your top choices. Aurora is one of those beautiful heavenly names with a rich and beautiful meaning behind it!

Step 2: Does the middle name fit well with Aurora?

Consider how the full name sounds with the middle name you have picked. Keep in mind the length of the first and middle names and how they sound with your family names.

Step 3: Sound it out.

Practice saying the first, middle, and last names out loud. Do you like the way it sounds with the last name?

Practice writing the names down. Do you like the way the baby names look?

Typing the names in different fonts is a great way to see how the names would look in various fonts.

Step 4: Pick your middle name!

Congratulations! You chose your middle name for Aurora and now you have the perfect name! Now comes the fun part… when will you share your name with friends and family? Will you wait until the baby is born? Or will you spill the beans sooner to close friends and family members?

The decision is completely up to you!

About the Name Aurora

Aurora is one of the most celestial names for a girl baby’s first name.  Aurora is such a radiant name that comes from the Latin word meaning “dawn.” The meaning of Aurora comes from the natural phenomena that take place in the sky called the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights. These natural occurrences normally take place at either the north pole or the south pole.

In addition, the unique name Aurora has significance in Roman mythology as the name of the Roman goddess of dawn whose tears transformed into morning dew.

Top Choices for Nicknames

Here are similar names that are used as nicknames for Aurora:

  • Aire
  • Aura
  • Dawn
  • Orie
  • Ria
  • Ro
  • Roro
  • Rory
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Sibling Names that go with Aurora

Here are some great name ideas for siblings of Aurora:

  • Arlo
  • Athena
  • Atlas
  • Camille
  • Cassia
  • Claire
  • Dallas
  • Daphne
  • Everest
  • Gemma
  • Leo
  • Maxwell
  • Onyx
  • Ophelia
  • Orion
  • Winslow
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Famous People named Aurora

Here are some famous people named Aurora:

  • Aurora (Disney Character from “Sleeping Beauty”)
  • Aurora (Hallmark Character from “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries”)
  • Aurora Aksnes (Norwegian singer)
  • Aurora Arias (Writer and Journalist from the Dominican Republic)
  • Aurora “Rory” Block (American guitarist)
  • Aurora Quezon (First Lady of the Philippines during the years 1935-1944)
  • Aurora Robles (Mexican model)

My Thoughts on Baby’s Middle Name for Aurora

Finding the perfect middle name for Aurora is no easy task, but hopefully, the first and middle name combinations above helped inspire new ideas for you!

The Social Security Administration has compiled data revealing that Aurora has risen in popularity in the United States since the early 2000s. According to NameBerry, the name Aurora also has gained international popularity in other predominantly English-speaking countries like Italy, Spain, and Switzerland.

There are so many good middle names that go with Aurora. Picking just one beautiful name is a challenging task, but well worth the effort! Be sure to save this post for later, share it with your friends, and pin it to your Pinterest boards if you enjoyed this content! Good Luck picking your perfect baby girl’s name!

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