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October coloring pages are so fun to enjoy during the autumn season!

october coloring pages

October is my favorite month! (But it’s also my birthday month so maybe I’m a little biased!)

When I think of October, I think of pumpkin patches, warm apple cider, and Halloween.  These free coloring pages for October encompass all of these October vibes and more!

The good news is these 15 October-themed coloring sheets are completely free and can be downloaded, saved, and printed as many times as you would like.

The October coloring pages below are available as a PDF file 8.5” by 11.” When you click on the desired coloring page image below, a new tab will open up with the coloring page you’ve chosen!

Keep scrolling down to see all 15 October coloring book pages.  You’ll find so many cute fall coloring sheets and a lot of free pretty printables for October!

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Remember that these October coloring book sheets are intended for non-commercial use and personal use only.  Feel free to download the coloring pages and print them on regular printer paper as often as you would like for yourself, your child, your friends, and your family!

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Coloring for Kids of All Ages

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1. October Coloring Sheets

Start the fall season the right way by downloading all 15 of these free October coloring sheets!   You won’t regret these free printables that are perfect for kids of all ages (as well as teenagers and adults).  

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2. October Free Printables for the Fall Season

These Halloween coloring pages are all available to you for digital download as a PDF individual file.   Have fun looking through the simple images of October scenery and find your favorite one out of all the different pages!  Don’t just keep this personal stash of pretty printables to yourself! Share these fun coloring pages with friends, family, and coworkers!

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3. Free October Coloring Pages

Young children and older children can all appreciate these free printable fall coloring pages.   Curious kids will have so much fun exploring all the October-themed coloring sheets available on this page.   All they have to do is scroll down and pick out their favorites!

4. Free Halloween Coloring Pages

Make your online coloring books for October by downloading and printing your favorite sheets (not available for commercial use). 

5. Fun Coloring Pages for October

Younger children can work on developing their fine motor skills by coloring all the October coloring sheets available on this page!  Coloring is a great way for kids to relax and have fun after a long day at school.  Try to experiment by coloring these October scenes of Halloween images and autumn leaves using different coloring techniques.

6. Free Printable Fall Coloring Pages

Finding fun activities for October can be a challenge.  There are loads of juicy activities you can do with free coloring pages.  Grab your free fall coloring page and October-themed coloring page and cut out your finished images.  You can glue them to other things to create new fall décor or crafty designs.

7. Printable Autumn Coloring Pages

There are a wide variety of October pages to enjoy and have some coloring fun with vibrant colors.  Coloring is the perfect way to let your imagination run wild and relax!

8. Online Coloring Books for October

Enjoy these pumpkin coloring pages and experiment with different shades of orange as you color! These pages are suitable as adult coloring pages as well as kids coloring pages.   Everyone can have a great time coloring these with their whole family.

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October Activities

Here are some of my favorite things to do during my favorite month of the year – October!

  • Go for a walk under the fall foliage.  You can bring a bag with you to collect all the pretty leaves and bring them home with you to decorate your home or use in a craft.  Take pictures of a pile of leaves and make it your phone or desktop wallpaper.  Put a piece of paper over the leaves and trace the leaves with a crayon or colored pencil.
  • Take my family to local pumpkin patches.  (Yes, plural!) It can be extra fun to go to different pumpkin patches each weekend in October.  Each local pumpkin patch has its benefits, such as different rides and activities.   My kids are ages 5 and under, so I can confirm that this age group enjoys pumpkin patches!
  • Pick apples at your nearest apple orchard! Such a fun idea for kids of all ages or adults of all ages!  Fill up your bag of apples and try out new recipes for apple juice, apple cider, apple turnovers, apple pie, and more!
  • Make pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread!  Grab a sugar pumpkin from your local pumpkin patch or grocery store.
  • Get your Halloween costumes ready! Whether you are buying a costume or making a DIY Halloween costume, October is the best time to get your Halloween costume ready for the last day of the month – Halloween!
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October Craft Ideas

  • Made By Me Create Your Own Halloween Window Art, DIY Suncatcher Kit – This is the cutest suncatcher kit that is filled with Halloween images! The paint even glows in the dark! The set includes 12 different ready-to-paint suncatcher frames that kids age 6+ can all enjoy!  There are so many 5-star reviews for this set.
  • Halloween Crafts for Kids (12 Pack) Silly Monsters Foam Magnet – This is a full craft kit that includes self-adhesive tape, stickers, pom poms, feathers, wiggle eyes, and magnets.  This is the perfect do-it-yourself craft for ages 3 through 8, but even big kids in high school can enjoy it!
  • 64 Sheets Halloween Party Games Stickers for Kids with 16 Different Designs – My kids are big fans of these! The sticker sheets come with one large animal or person that you get to customize!  There are so many stickers that you can make a silly face or add cute images to it.   My kids like to stick the sticker designs to the back of the sticker sheet, but you can use any kind of color paper to attach your stickers too!  These also make great party favors for an October birthday or Halloween party!
  • Funiverse Mega Bulk Pack 126 Piece Foam Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Craft Kit Stickers – Makes 16 Pumpkins (Pumpkins Not Included) – Here is a fun craft kit for kids of all ages and adults too!  After you’ve grabbed some cute pumpkins from your local pumpkin patch, it’s time to decorate them!  This set comes with all the craft kit stickers you could ever want to decorate your pumpkins.   No carving is needed to turn your pumpkin into a black cat, vampire bat, or ghost!  Once you’ve finished decorating one pumpkin, be sure to decorate other pumpkins too and line them all up on your mantle, in your entryway, or outside on the porch so the trick-or-treaters can see them as they walk by!
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Final Thoughts on October Coloring Pages

October is my favorite month of the year, and these are my favorite October-themed free coloring sheets!   There are so many cute pumpkin and Halloween-inspired images on the October coloring book pages above.

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October is a great month to take your free coloring pages for October outside and color your pages with the beauty of autumn all around you.  My favorite parts about October are the fall vibes, the changing leaves, and the wonderful weather (it’s usually really nice here in California).

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and downloading all your favorite coloring pages!  If you’d like to download the other monthly coloring pages, be sure to check out the links down below!

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