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hiya bedtime essentials reviews

This Hiya Bedtime Essentials Reviews post is sponsored by Hiya. We may receive compensation or products from this brand in exchange for sharing our honest opinions and experiences with Hiya Kids Bedtime Essentials. However, all views expressed here are solely our own and we only recommend products that we truly believe in.

Sometimes the best Hiya Bedtime Essentials reviews are by the parents who use them!

I’ve tried Hiya Kids Bedtime Essentials and was shocked at how amazing they work for my two boys (3 and 5 years old).

It’s the question every parent wants to know the answer to…

How do I get my active kids to wind down and go to bed at night… faster?

(Especially if you have kids age 5 and under who seem like they have endless amounts of energy and cannot settle down for bed which can take hours.)

The dreaded “bedtime routine” doesn’t have to be dreaded anymore.

Thanks to Hiya Kids Bedtime Essentials, kids can get the wind-down aid to relax and slow down before bed.

My kids love taking these chewable kids bedtime essentials.  I’m a happy mom knowing my kids are happy too.

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Hiya Bedtime Essentials Reviews – Zero Melatonin

I’m so happy that I found something that works to calm my kids down after dinner and before bed.

I have three boys (one is a baby).  The older two boys are ages three (3) and five (5).  And let me tell you, bedtime can be a struggle.

When I heard about the new Hiya Kids Bedtime Essentials, I was thrilled to be one of the first to try it.

With zero melatonin, I figured that it was worth a try.

And guess what, it worked! I’ve noticed that since my boys have been taking the Bedtime Essentials, they’re more calm before bed and are sleeping more restfully at night. 

I’ve also noticed that they’ve been able to wind down quicker (and stop jumping off the furniture).

In our house, Hiya Kids Bedtime Essentials is the perfect nighttime solution for children 2 years+.

The zero gummy and zero added sugar chewable is a life-saver at helping my kids wind down before bed and wake up rejuvenated.

(And of course, the cute blue bottles are eco-friendly and super cute!)

hiya bedtime essentials review

It’s Not a Sleep Aid

So why did I pick Hiya for my kids’ bedtime essentials?

For one thing, I didn’t want to get my kids a sleep aid since melatonin can be habit-forming and it’s possible to give too much. Luckily, Hiya’s Kids Bedtime Essentials is not a sleep aid and are proudly melatonin-free.

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Hiya Bedtime Essentials for kids are the ideal natural and melatonin-free, safe, and effective once-daily chewable.

The chewable tastes great too, according to my two sons!

It has changed our bedtime routine for the best.

Adding Hiya Kids Bedtime Essentials to our nighttime routine and bedtime routine has made the whole process so much smoother for them (and for me).

It has unique restorative essentials to support brain health and focus.  This allows my kids to have a good night’s sleep and a calm mindset!

Hiya’s Kids Bedtime Essentials were designed to help kids wind down with their unique features:

  • NO melatonin
  • NO yeast, wheat, milk, gluten, eggs, soy, artificial colors or flavors, or gummy junk
  • NO added sugar
  • 1 vitamin per day
  • 7 key ingredients (including vitamins and essential nutrients)
  • 1 taste kids love

Hiya Bedtime Essentials Reviews by a Real Mom

Hiya’s products have zero gummy junk and zero added sugar, including these Kid’s Bedtime Essentials.

We made the switch to Hiya – and I could not be happier that I did. They contain zero sugar and with just one Hiya Bedtime Essential chewable each night before bed, your child gets the necessary nutrients for a restful sleep.

hiya vitamins

50% off Your First Order for Picky Eaters

I’ve already researched other competitors, and this is truly the best out there.

I can’t recommend them enough, especially for picky eaters:

  • Taste great with no gummy additives
  • Children’s vitamins created by 2 Dads
  • Helps them wind-down
  • Helps keep them calm
  • Delivered fresh monthly
  • Refillable glass bottle
  • Recyclable refill pouch

If you order today, you’ll be getting 50% off your first month!

Join tons of other parents and make the switch today.

Check it out HERE.

Key Essential Nutrients to Help Kids Wind Down

Marine Magnesium

  • Comes from fresh seawater sources and includes up to 70 trace minerals and electrolytes known for health benefits.
  • Helps with supporting healthy gut and digestive health

Vitamin B6

  • Supports brain restoration in kids.
  • As Pyridoxine HCl
  • An essential vitamin that plays a key role in brain development as well as the nervous system and immune system functioning.
  • Your body does not produce Vitamin B6 naturally on its own, however, it can be found in many foods and in Hiya Bedtime Essentials.


  • An amino acid is known to support calm and relaxation.
  • Helps sleep support, cognitive function, and stress management.


  • Supports healthy development.
  • As calcium citrate.
  • Increase the calcium levels in your body to build strong bones and maintain optimal heart health.

Chamomile Flower Extract

  • A mild sedative safe for 2+.
  • Chamomile helps to calm nerves and reduce anxiety.


  • As choline dihydrogen citrate
  • Choline is an essential nutrient that plays a key role in many important body systems, such as brain, heart, and muscle function.

GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid)

  • Supports brain health and helps support normal relaxation.

In summary, in addition to all these amazing nutrients and minerals, Hiya Bedtime Essentials are made without the sugar, preservatives, chemicals, or gummy junk that can cause cavities or be bad for your child’s teeth.

This makes it a win-win for kids and parents.

Try them out today and get 50% off your first order.

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hiya kids vitamin, zero melatonin

Sugar-Free Nightly Chewable

This is the perfect non-habit-forming nightly chewable to help my kids relax before bed and wake up freshly rejuvenated!

Kids these days are overstimulated.

They are overstimulated due to:

  • Excessive screen time
  • Processed Food
  • Social Media
  • Lack of outside play
  • And many other reasons

What this means, is that children end up having a more difficult time winding down their bodies and minds before bed.

Unfortunately, this can be the leading cause of general unease, restless sleep, and sub-optimal development.

Thankfully Hiya Bedtime Essentials is perfect for these reasons for ages 2+:

  • Sugar-free
  • No gummy junk
  • Melatonin-Free
  • Safe and Effective to take one daily
  • Free Shipping with EVERY order
  • Free cute refillable bottle per child (customizable with stickers)

When heading to bed, we enjoy using Hiya’s Kids Bedtime Essentials as part of our nightly bedtime routine.  This nightly chewable has a unique and restorative blend to help support brain health, relaxation, and stress relief.  Many kids struggle to wind down at the end of the night and that can all translate to extra anxiety and restless sleep.

As a parent, I am happy to give my kids Hiya vitamins that are always melatonin-free and have zero added sugar.

Also, the best part about Hiya is that these Kids’ Bedtime Essentials contain zero gummy junk!  This is great before bed especially so kids don’t get all extra gummy sugar stuck in their teeth all night.

Make sure to check out more about Hiya’s Kids Bedtime Essentials using the link below!

>> Hiya’s Kids Bedtime Essentials <<

hiya kids bedtime essentials, hiya vitamins, hiya probiotics

Hiya Kids Multivitamins and Probiotics

Hiya Multivitamins and Probiotics have the essential vitamins and nutrients your child needs to thrive every day.

I give my kids their Hiya Multivitamins and Hiya Probiotics every morning before they head off to school.   It makes me feel proud as a parent knowing I am giving them core essentials by Hiya to start their day off the right way.

Here are some of the key benefits of Hiya’s Kids Multivitamins and Probiotics:

Hiya Kids Multivitamin

Hiya Kids Multivitamins are their original multivitamin – they’re a must-have!  Hiya’s products are set to the highest standards for children’s health.

It’s a daily chewable that is not a gummy, made with zero sugar, and you only need one daily.

Many gummy vitamins need multiple a day for them to be effective. But not Hiya.

Hiya uses the best ingredients for healthy growth, including a blend of organic fruits, and veggies.  It includes Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and more.

If you’re looking for a good multivitamin for your kids, try them out today and get 50% off your first order.

In addition to all these amazing vitamins and minerals, Hiya vitamins are made without the sugar, preservatives, chemicals, and synthetic gummy junk that can cause cavities.  Another bonus is that the packaging is eco-friendly.

Hiya Kids Probiotic

Formulated for kids by a doctor, Hiya Probiotics are great for your kids:

  • immune system
  • gut health
  • digestive system and bowel movements

Hiya Probiotics have over 10 billion live cultures, and are vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, and sugar-free.   They are sweetened with monk fruit and my kids say they taste yummy.

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Try them out today and get 50% off your first order!

I started off using Hiya for their Kids Multivitamins, and now I’m doing the Kids Probiotic with prebiotic fiber, too.   The probiotics and multivitamins together are just the perfect combination.

Chewable Tablets in Glass Bottle

Hiya’s vitamins come in a cute glass bottle with colorful alphabet stickers.  This is such a bonus for the kids!  My boys love to customize all their Hiya bottles with their names and designs.  

They have Hiya bottles for their Hiya Bedtime Essentials, Hiya Multivitamins, and Hiya Probiotics.  Each product has its color bottle that’s labeled and easy to read.

Your kids can help pour the Hiya vitamins right into the glass bottle with each refill, and your kids can even decorate the glass bottle with the stickers included. I have 2 kids so they each get to decorate their little bottle. We love Hiya over here!

It makes me so happy that my kids enjoy Hiya every day in the morning and at night in their own bottle.

After researching all the options, Hiya’s chewable vitamins are the best.

hiya refillable pouch

Final Thoughts on Hiya Bedtime Essentials Reviews

I’m not surprised that parents often look towards melatonin and other troubling additives to solve nighttime challenges with their kids.

Kids today are over-stimulated, and we now know that melatonin and other “natural” additives have negative consequences for our kids.

Hiya’s Kids Bedtime Essentials has the best combination of melatonin-free natural ingredients that help restore kids’ bodies and rejuvenate their minds each and every night.

I’ve noticed my kids will wake up fresh after a good night’s sleep. You can start the day with Hiya Multivitamins and Probiotics for the ultimate combination of essential vitamins and nutrients.

If you are looking for complete care for your child’s well-being, every bit counts.  With the power duo of the Hiya multivitamin and probiotic, you can rest assured that your child will be getting total nourishment and maintain balanced gut health.

The Kids Daily Multivitamin for ages 2+ supports energy and cell growth, empowers the body’s natural defenses, and helps with focus and concentration.

The Kids Daily Probiotic for ages 2+ helps to maintain a balanced gut flora, which is known to help your child have smoother digestion with fewer tummy troubles.  Probiotics also help support their body’s immune system.  Kids are prone to illness once they start daycare, preschool, or school, and need all the help they can get.

Hiya’s products are truly the best.  You can ensure your child is getting the nighttime support they need by opting for Hiya’s Kids Bedtime Essentials.

You will not regret trying these to witness the amazing results!

Try Hiya Kids Bedtime Essentials Today for 50% off your first bottle.

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