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honest review of caraway cookware

I wish I had found Caraway cookware sooner! That’s why I wrote this article on my honest review of Caraway cookware and bakeware products – so you have all the right information at your fingertips as soon as possible!

As a mom of two toddler boys, I switched to Caraway for my pots and pans and couldn’t be happier!

It’s so easy to cook with compared to other pots and pans.  I recently tried a different brand pan and was rudely awakened to how horrible it was to cook with! It just served as a reminder that I am NOT going back to other pans!

I love how evenly my food gets cooked, how smooth the surface is, and how there is no sticking of food to the surface of the pan.

When I used the other pan (I don’t even know what brand it is), I was cooking eggs. You wouldn’t believe how poorly the eggs cooked on that other pan! The eggs burned so easily and they stuck to the pan quickly. I cooked the eggs the same way I would with Caraway.

After such a bad experience using a non-Caraway pan, I am proud to tell you my honest review of Caraway cookware and how amazing it truly performs!

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 FAQ’s about Caraway Pans and Caraway Pots

1. What is so special about Caraway cookware?

  • With Caraway products, you’ll be getting 100% non-toxic ceramic Kitchenware. It’s truly an investment for your kitchen AND your health.
  • Non-Stick Cookware Sets and Bakeware Sets come with organizers at no extra cost.
  • New products that would make a great gift: Minis, Food Storage & Tea Kettle.
  • Beautiful colors and modern design that compliment any home

Caraway Cookware is the ideal non-toxic, eco-friendly, and non-stick cookware! Check out their 4-piece ceramic cookware set, food storage set, bakeware set, and more!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

2. Is Caraway made in China?

Yes, the products are made in only the best factories in China that adhere to very strict and ethical manufacturing practices to ensure compliance with quality standards.

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3. How long will Caraway pans last?

While it would be amazing if Caraway pans lasted forever, the truth is you can only expect the perfect condition of your pots and pans for 1-3 years with proper care. However, keep in mind that ALL Caraway cookware and bakeware products come with a ONE-year warranty to cover any significant damage!

4. Is Caraway cookware really healthy?

Yes. If you’ve been eyeing Caraway for a while, you are probably anxious to see what all the hype is about.  Let me tell you, Caraway products are amazing for cooking, your health, your family’s health, and the environment! They make amazing gifts for family members and friends that you may have trouble buying gifts for! You can never go wrong with quality cookware that is:

  • Non-toxic coating (free of PTFEs)
  • Ceramic non-stick coating
  • Storage included with the purchase of Cookware and Bakeware sets
  • Induction compatible

Meet Your Caraway Cookware Set – No Toxic Chemicals

reviews of caraway cookware

One of the main reasons why I switched to Caraway is because it avoids toxic chemicals!  Ceramic non-stick pots and pans are:

  • Non-toxic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-stick

Did you know that OVER 95% of non-stick pans use polyetrafluoroethylene?  It only takes 2.5 minutes for a traditional pan on high heat to exceed a high enough temperature to begin releasing dangerous chemicals! These PFAS chemicals are known as “forever chemicals” which means that they can take decades or longer to leave your body AND they also never break down in the environment.

This is super scary! I had no idea this was even possible in non-stick pans sold in my local stores.  (How is this even allowed?!)

Luckily, I am so fortunate to have come across Caraway when I did! I do not want to expose myself or my family of young toddler boys to any harmful chemicals just from cooking breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Why I Love My Caraway Cookware Set

reviews caraway cookware

Why do I LOVE Caraway so much?

I love that these pots and pans truly do perform.

Nothing sticks to them while using them over low or medium heat! It’s truly amazing how well they work!

It’s the best nonstick cookware line I’ve ever seen, and did I mention how aesthetically pleasing they are? The colors they come in are classic, trendy, and gorgeous.

You can mix and match the colors or stick to the same color throughout your cookware.

My honest review of Caraway cookware is that they are well worth the money because they are easy to use, extremely well made, and the food effortlessly glides around the pan during cooking!

10% off Your Order

After doing a TON of research, I have discovered that Caraway cookware is simply the best out there.   I can’t recommend them enough.

If you order today, you’ll get 10% off your entire order! CLICK HERE to activate your 10% off code!

My Honest Review of Caraway Non-Toxic Cookware

After trial and error as well as personal research, I’ve discovered Caraway cookware.  Their products are my absolute favorite cookware and I use them daily.

Caraway cookware is especially ideal for parents of young children who are looking for a reliable high-quality ceramic-coated alumni cookware free of PTFE, lead, cadmium, and other toxic materials.

ceramic cookware reviews
Source: Caraway

Ceramic Coating

Caraway pots and pans proudly use ceramic non-stick technology as a mineral-based coating.   This proves to release less carbon dioxide when produced compared to traditional non-stick coatings. In addition, non-stick pans naturally will require less oil and/or butter while cooking and are easier to clean.  

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INSIDER MOM TIP: It’s recommended that you handwash your Caraway cookware, however, I usually put mine in the dishwasher and they come out fine.  I believe that if you do decide to handwash it is probably the better choice to extend the product life of the pans and avoid exposing the pans to high heat while in the dishwasher.

No Toxic Materials

Having access to non-toxic materials in your cookware is such an amazing thing!

Imagine INVESTING in your kitchen and your health!

Grab 100% non-toxic ceramic kitchenware and enjoy beautiful colors to compliment any home.  

INSIDER MOM TIP: If you grab an entire set of non-stick cookware or bakeware, you’ll get an organizer too FREE of charge! (You’ll also get an amazing savings you’ll get by purchasing the set instead of individual pieces.)

Aluminum Core

Do Caraway pans have aluminum in them?

The answer is yes – in the core!

The core itself is aluminum, and it is completely covered by a smooth ceramic-coated outer layer.   This mineral-based outer finish is what helps keep any toxins from leaking out during the cooking process. This is a pretty clever design if I say so myself!

Use on Low Heat and Medium Heat Only

Do you want to keep toxins from leaching into your food while leasing 60% less carbon dioxide than any other nonstick pans on the market?  If so, keep reading!

Caraway products are intended for low-heat and medium-heat use only.  This is because Caraway cookware can hold heat more efficiently than traditional pans!

The engineering of their design is truly superb!

Stainless Steel Handles

The stainless steel handles are uniform throughout the cookware and bakeware collections.  They are the perfect shiny handles to go along with a great design.

INSIDER MOM TIP: Be wary of using metal utensils while cooking with Caraway.  The non-stick coating works best with wooden silicone, plastic, or nylon utensils that don’t have rough or sharp edges!   You don’t want to damage your gorgeous Caraway products’ non-stick coating off the bat!

cookware set reviews
Source: Caraway

Non-Stick Surface

The non-stick surface of Caraway products combined with the non-toxic properties of the materials used are what truly sets Caraway non-stick pans apart from competitors.

Favorite Non-Toxic Cookware

Are you looking for a healthier way to cook?

Check out these amazing Caraway products that are some of the best they offer! I have also included a few of their newest products (as of 2023) like their Minis, Food Storage, Tea Kettle, and Squareware Collection:

Nonstick Pans

The Fry Pan and Saute Pan are two amazing nonstick pans that you can find grouped in the cookware set or grab as individual items! You are free to mix and match colors or keep all your pans the same color!

Dutch Oven

I love my Caraway Dutch Oven! I use it all the time to cook pasta and other items! It’s oven-safe up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. This 6.5 quart Dutch Oven includes a lid and is ideal for cooking pasta, roasts, and stews!

Sauce Pan

Caraway’s Sauce Pan is a 3-quart size that works great for cooking up some delicious meals like risotto, soups, sauces, or mac and cheese! The lid is included!

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Canvas Lid Holder and Magnet Pan Racks

Kitchen storage that works! Have you ever struggled to store all your pots, pans, and lids? The canvas lid holder and magnetic pan racks are adorable and effective ways to store your Caraway cookware!

Minis, Food Storage, Tea Kettle, and Squareware

  • Minis – Their Minis Collection includes the Mini Frying Pan and Mini Sauce Pans, which are great for when you need to cook smaller portions!  The Mini Sauce Pan even includes a lid.
  • Food Storage – New in 2023, the Caraway Food Storage Collection
  • Tea Kettle – The Tea Kettle is next on my wishlist! It’s so aesthetically pleasing I plan to just leave it out on top of my stove at all times because of how cute it looks!
  • Squareware Caraway Set – NEW in late 2023, this is an amazing set of 5 non-toxic and spacious square pans for all your baking needs! (Don’t forget, if you purchase the Squareware Set, you’ll also receive complimentary storage included.)
caraway squareware set
Source: Caraway

Say Bye-Bye to Traditional Non-Stick Cookware…

And hello to Caraway Cookware non-stick pans!

Get excited for Caraway Cookware that is FREE of no many harmful chemicals:


Caraway Cookware is the ideal non-toxic, eco-friendly, and non-stick cookware! Check out their 4-piece ceramic cookware set, food storage set, bakeware set, and more!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

You won’t regret giving Caraway a try (especially if you use this special link for an additional 10% off your entire purchase!)

Final Thoughts on Honest Review of Caraway Cookware

If you are looking for non-stick and non-toxic cookware, look no further! Hopefully, you’ve read this honest Caraway cookware review and now know all the amazing benefits of using Caraway products. I’ve researched for you, and other non-stick pans just don’t cut it!

Caraway products are becoming more popular and well-known, and I only see their popularity increasing.   Especially as our society keeps turning towards more non-toxic and environmentally-safe products.

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