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november coloring pages

Grab your free November coloring pages and free fall printables right here!

November is the perfect time of year to celebrate Thanksgiving and fall.

When I think of November, I think of turkeys, Thanksgiving meals with family, and Friendsgiving meals.   These free coloring pages for November encompass all of these November vibes and more!

These 15 November-themed coloring sheets are completely free and can be downloaded, saved, and printed as many times as you would like.

The November coloring pages below are available as a PDF file 8.5” by 11.” When you click on the desired coloring page image below, a new tab will open up with the coloring page you’ve chosen!

Keep scrolling down to see all 15 November coloring book pages.  You’ll find so many cute fall coloring sheets and Thanksgiving coloring pages!

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Remember that these November coloring book sheets are intended for non-commercial use and personal use only.  Feel free to download the coloring pages and print them on regular printer paper as often as you would like for yourself, your child, your friends, and your family!

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1. November Coloring Sheet

Download your favorite November coloring sheet and start celebrating the month of November! Coloring is a great exercise for kids of all ages to improve their fine motor skills.   Grab your free digital download of these November images by simply clicking on the image you’re interested in.   A new tab will open with all your cute and intricate designs for November and the holiday season.

2. Fun Coloring Pages for the Holiday Season

Here are 15 free printable November coloring pages available in PDF file format!  There are printable coloring pages for the fall time of year, including pumpkin pie coloring pages.

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Check out these new November coloring pages as well as other months of the year coloring pages available on this site!

3. Free Printable November Coloring Pages

Print off your fall coloring pages and color them your favorite colors.  Fun coloring pages for November are such a great way to get excited about the fall season and the Thanksgiving holiday.  The good news is that all the coloring pages on this post are 100% free, including hot chocolate coloring page sheets!

4. November Printable Coloring Pages

You won’t regret coloring November’s special holidays this autumn season!  The month of November is a great time for fun activities.  The fall time is perfect for grabbing your colored pencils and coloring a November page with your young children.

5. Months of the Year Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving coloring pages are the perfect way to get excited for Thanksgiving.  You can even print off some of these coloring sheets and bring them with you on Thanksgiving.  It would be the perfect activity for big kids and little kids to do as they wait for their Thanksgiving dinner to finish cooking.  Adults can also enjoy these coloring pages and relax as they color their independent works of art.

6. Fall Coloring Pages

Enjoy the crisp fall days of November by embracing Thanksgiving scenes.

7. New November Coloring Pages

The most popular holiday in November in the United States is Thanksgiving.  These seasonal coloring pages are available to you all year long for parents, teens, adults, and teachers.  Teachers can plan out their lesson plans by incorporating these free Thanksgiving coloring pages into their curriculum.

8. Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Let’s have some November fun and color beautiful autumn leaves!  Older kids and younger kids usually have Veterans Day off from school, and coloring these November sheets is a strategic way to relax on your day off.   Whether your child is in first grade, 2nd grade, or another grade level, all children can appreciate these November pictures (available for non-commercial use only).

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turkey day coloring page
turkey day
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November Activities

  • Enjoy a fall hike outside and take in all the natural fall beauty!  Depending on where you live, there may be some gorgeous hikes or walks nearby that are especially nice during the fall.  You may even see a stunning waterfall if it rained recently!
  • Watching football.  There is nothing better than watching a good football game with your friends or family either in person or on TV.  It’s fun to root for your favorite team and eat some yummy snacks.
  • Roast pumpkin seeds and make pumpkin bread while sipping on a PSL (pumpkin spice latte).   Pumpkin-everything sounds like a great idea in November!
  • Go apple picking and make caramel apples or apple pie!  Homemade apple pie would make a great dessert to bring to your Thanksgiving meal!
  • Go to the pumpkin patch while they are still there!  Pumpkin patches usually don’t stick around too long after Halloween, so be sure to check out your local pumpkin patch one last time in early November.

November Craft Supplies

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Final Thoughts on November Coloring Pages

November is a beautiful time of year here in California and in other parts of the country too!  There is so much to enjoy about November, including these free November coloring pages.

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If you haven’t seen any cute November coloring pages yet that are also free, it’s because you haven’t stumbled upon this post yet!  Be sure to spread the word about how awesome these coloring sheets are so more people can enjoy them.

These images were individually designed for everyone to enjoy and print at home.  You can have a blast making your coloring book by printing off your favorites!

Adults can also enjoy these coloring sheets in their spare time.  It’s so easy to print off a coloring sheet and relax!

Thanksgiving Day is a particularly great day to color with your family and have a coloring competition.   There are so many ways you can have a coloring competition and compare results!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and downloading all your favorite coloring pages!  If you’d like to download the other monthly coloring pages, be sure to check out the links down below!

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