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august coloring pages

The month of August is a fun time to color some free August coloring pages!

Enjoy coloring these free coloring pages for August as you sip a cold beverage by the pool on vacation or the beach by the sandy shores!

August is usually a very warm month, and these free August coloring pages are full of fun summer activities for hot weather and sunny days.

These 15 August-themed coloring sheets are completely free and can be downloaded, saved, and printed as many times as you would like.

The August coloring pages below are available for you as a PDF file 8.5” by 11.” When you click on the desired coloring page image below, a new tab will open up with the coloring page you’ve chosen!

Keep scrolling down to see all 15 August coloring book sheets.  You’ll find so many cute summer coloring sheets and beach coloring sheets.

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Remember that these August coloring book sheets are intended for non-commercial use and personal use only.  Feel free to download the coloring pages and print them on regular printer paper as many times as you would like to for yourself, your child, your friends, and your family!

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New School Year Essentials

1. Month of August Coloring Books

Enjoy the month of August by creating your coloring books out of these free coloring page templates!  You can pick out your favorite free August coloring sheets and print them off at home on computer paper.  Coloring is such a great way for kids to develop their fine motor skills while having a blast at the same time.

2. Free August Coloring Pages

Younger children as well as older kids can enjoy these printable pages! Simply print off your PRF file or your favorite August-themed coloring page (for personal use only).  Grab your free monthly coloring page while you still can!

3. Free Coloring Pages of August

Kids of all ages can use these printable August coloring page sheets while they are on their summer break from school.  Grab a free printable August coloring page and enjoy a cold beverage in the hot summer heat.  Many kids go back to school sometime in August and savor these last few days or weeks of summer.

4. August Themed Coloring Pages

As the new school year approaches, many kids enjoy coloring at the end of their little break from school.   Coloring pages are the perfect activity to bring on summer vacation or a road trip.  Have fun using various colors to create a coloring masterpiece!   Experiment with vibrant colors and pastel colors to get a unique finished picture!

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5. Printable August Coloring Pages

Don’t forget to share these fun coloring pages with your friends and family!  It’s so much fun to color the months of the year!  If you are looking for a fun activity that’s also free, experiment with these coloring sheets to create new works of art!  Share your finished design on social media, such as Facebook or Instagram, and credit our website!

6. School Coloring Pages

This special collection of August coloring sheets is truly unique! Each design was created individually for you to enjoy free printables for August!  During the dog days of summer, you can pick out your favorite colors and grab one of these free sheets to pass the time.

7. Free Printable August Coloring Pages

The best part about August coloring sheets is the beach scenes!  Let your imagination run wild as you enjoy delicious fruit and a cold drink on a hot day this summer.  The free August pages posted here contain some pretty amazing beach life scenes that will truly come to life when you color them!

8. World of August Coloring Pages

Enjoy hours of fun coloring these pages available to you for non-commercial use only! Share the summer fun by coloring with your whole family outside on a warm day or inside with the air conditioning on full blast!   Comment in the comments section below which one is your favorite coloring page!

Fun August Activities

There are so many fun August activities for kids! I wanted to share one of my favorite crafts for young children ages 4 through 12!  

Take a look at this amazing two-pack kids set of rock and sea shell painting!  It’s got the two kits in one!  I think this is the perfect activity that you can take with you along with your coloring pages.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

One difference between the free coloring pages for August and the rock and sea shell painting kit is that the painting kit is inherently messier! So be sure to keep that in mind and dress accordingly.  This is just one more reason why these coloring pages are the perfect free summer activity.

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Final Thoughts on August Coloring Pages

So, there you have it!

Your August-themed coloring sheets are free for you to print, save, bookmark, download, and share!

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There’s no better feeling than coming across something free and amazing!  I hope you felt that when you came across this page!

Don’t forget to make your own August coloring book out of your favorite August images on this page! There are some enjoyable summer-themed coloring pages and beach coloring pages you are sure to love!

August is such a fun month of transition.  I say transition because it is usually filled with the final summer vacation, starting the new school year, and enjoying the last month of truly hot weather.  Fall is fast approaching and the weather will soon be changing again.  Try to relish the last moments of summer by making time to color.  Coloring is such a relaxing and beautiful exercise for kids and adults too!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and downloading all your favorite coloring pages!  If you’d like to download the other monthly coloring pages, be sure to check out the links down below!  

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