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Are you looking for a FREE ABC Chart for Kids that you can print at home? Here is the perfect free printable ABC Chart for your kids to color! If you scroll down below you will be able to access a FREE download of the ABC Chart coloring page!

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What are ABC Charts?

An ABC Letter Chart for Kids is an educational tool that provides them with the uppercase and lowercase letters corresponding with an object that starts with the letter.

For example, “A” is the uppercase letter, “a” is the lowercase letter, and a picture of an alligator are all shown in the same box of the alphabet chart. This is completed for all 26 letters of the alphabet on an easy-to-read letter chart for kids!

The best part is that kids can color the chart and truly make it their own. They may get so excited about the alphabet chart that they want to tape it up in their room or hang it on the fridge.

ABC Charts are a great resource for preschoolers and grades kindergarten through grade 2 when children learn the alphabet letters, alphabet sounds, phonics, and reading.

ABC Chart for Kids Coloring Page Essentials

Get Your Free ABC Chart for Kids

Here is your free printable ABC Alphabet Chart! Be sure to download it by clicking either the “Click to Download” buttons or clicking directly on the image. This is truly an amazing alphabet resource for your children and don’t forget to share it with family and friends!

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Finals Thoughts on ABC Chart for Kids

Now that you have your amazing free alphabet printable in your hands, you can use it, print it, and download it as many times as you need to! If you have multiple children, feel free to print multiple copies.

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You cannot go wrong with this amazing free ABC Chart printable! The animals on the ABC Chart all start with the corresponding letter of the alphabet. These animals should be easily recognizable to young children.

You can even make it really fun by trying to have your child make the sound of the animal as well as the sound of the letter.

The alphabet chart doubles as a coloring page that can be perfect for kids that need to do an activity while learning. Some kids do best when they are interacting with the free printable alphabet chart by coloring as opposed to just simply looking at the chart.

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