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lovevery reviews

I felt compelled to write an in-depth Lovevery review of their amazing Lovevery toys since I have purchased so many on my own! Sometimes it can be hard to find Lovevery reviews that are based on personal experience, and boy do I have personal experience with Lovevery!

I had my first son in late 2018, and I started subscribing to the Lovevery subscription boxes in early 2019 starting with the Senser Play Kit, designed for months 5 and 6.

I purchased all the play kits with my own money up through The Companion Play Kit (Months 22, 23, 24).   I was gifted the Free Spirit Play Kit (Months 34, 35, and 36) as well as The Block Set!

I think it’s safe to say that you are reading a review on Lovevery from a mom who is very experienced with Lovevery products!

So what’s my story? Why did I pick Lovevery for my first baby?

Once my baby had outgrown newborn toys, I was ready for a consistent play box subscription that would make buying toys easier for me! I had enough to worry about with breastfeeding and pumping, and all the things I needed to focus on with taking care of my son.   I did NOT want to miss any developmental milestones for his specific age and needed the right toys to help with his development. So I researched stage-based play kits and came across Lovevery.

It was honestly exactly what I was looking for.

The toys themselves were simple and mostly wooden and catered to his exact age range. I was sold!

Lovevery | Learning Through Play for Your Child’s Developing Brain

Lovevery has the best stage-based play essentials for your child’s developing brain!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

It was so fun looking forward to our next box that got delivered right on our porch, and I knew I was giving him toys that were just right for his exact age range!

It was a win-win for me as a first-time mom!

The best part of all?

I got to reuse the toys with my second son!

Interested to know more about my personal experience with Lovevery? Feel free to continue reading my Lovevery reviews and I’ll fill you in!

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Meet Lovevery Educational Toys – The Best Subscription Boxes

baby toy subscription

One of the main reasons I chose to subscribe to Lovevery Toys was because I wanted toys dedicated to the exact age my baby was at.  Most of the toys in the stores have vague recommended ages, such as 9 months to 3 years, which didn’t give me much direction as to when it was really necessary for my baby.

Don’t get me wrong. I know some toys need to have broad age ranges such as learning walkers or push toys. But for the first 12 months, I wanted to at least have some targeted toys for his age range.

The awesome thing about Lovevery is that they break down their baby play kits in 2-month increments for the first year of your baby’s life and 3-month increments for 12 to 24-month-olds.

For example, The Charmer Play Kit is for months 3-4, and The Babbler Play Kit is for months 13, 14, and 15.

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Each Play Kit comes with a play guide for the parents to know what to do with Lovevery’s Play Kits! I highly recommend you read the play guides!

INSIDER MOM TIP: Be prepared to keep your play kits organized. They often come with lots of pieces like other Montessori toys.   I would recommend buying tubs with lids and taking out one play kit at a time then putting it back right away before parts get misplaced.

Lovevery | Learning Through Play for Your Child’s Developing Brain

Lovevery has the best stage-based play essentials for your child’s developing brain!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

High Quality Lovevery Toys for Young Children

play kits for babies, baby play kits

Why are Lovevery toys amazing for babies, toddlers, and young children?

I have purchased a total of 8 play kits and I was gifted an additional play kit as well as The Blocks Set.

In my personal opinion, here are some of the awesome parts of Lovevery Kits (especially for new parents):

Fine Motor Skills for Little Hands

The Play Kits are stage-based play essentials for your child’s developing brain! They are exactly what your child needs at the correct developmental age!

Here is how it works:

  • First, you find your starting Play Kit! You enter your child’s birthday date on their website to determine which is the correct Play Kit that is developmentally appropriate for your child’s age group! Play Kits range from birth through 4 years old.
  • You’ll receive your first box in the mail delivered directly to your home (free shipping too)! It’s such a treat to get to open your box and see what’s inside.  Seeing your baby’s face light up when you pull out each new toy from the box is worth every penny!  You’ll be receiving a new box once every 2 to 3 months and the toys will grow with your child!
  • You will also get to enjoy the benefits of being a Lovevery subscriber by gaining exclusive access to expert research, guidance, tips, and play activities to support your child’s growth and development.
  • Click HERE to read more about Lovevery Play Kits!


Your child will get to explore STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) toys from an early age with the Lovevery Play Kits! This is especially true for the Play Kits that are geared towards the later toddler years, such as years 3 and 4.

Wooden Toys

I was excited to see so many wooden toys in the baby and toddler Play Kits.  The Babbler Play Kit came with some unique and fun wooden toys that you won’t find anywhere else!

Stage-Based Play for Brain Development

The Baby Play Kits are for ages 0 to 12 months and help your baby build brand-new neural connections as they connect with you.  I love how months 0 through 4 include lots of black and white toys which are necessary to give your infant the visual stimulation needed to help develop their brains!

Simple Toys

I noticed throughout my Lovevery Play Kit subscriptions how simple the toys seemed! A lot of toys these days are noisy, have lots of distracting lights, are made of plastic toys with lots of small pieces, and are often too busy for babies and toddlers.

Children are often attracted to the most simple household items like pots and pans, cooking utensils, tags on clothes, and other simple items.  I believe that Lovevery got it right by keeping their toys on the simple side!

Lovevery Baby Play Kits

Lovevery Play Kits are certainly the gem of all their products, however, they do also have a few amazing standalone products as well!  Here is a list of the Play Kits from birth through 24 months, as well as a couple of other products I own!

I added a few comments I have about the Play Kits that include my Lovevery reviews and experiences with them. I hope you enjoy it!

explorer play kit lovevery

The Looker Play Kit (Weeks 0-12)

The Looker Play Kit is such a great one for newborns.  I didn’t find out about Lovevery in time to snag this awesome set, but I honestly think it has such amazing toys for those first three months.  This Play Kit is loaded with black and white high-contrast toys which is exactly what babies need in weeks 0 through 12.  If you are lucky enough to come across this article while you are still pregnant or have a newborn, I’d recommend snagging this Play Kit while you can!

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The Charmer Play Kit (Months 3-4)

The Charmer Play Kit is another awesome one that still includes a few black-and-white toys too! The toys in this set help the baby during tummy time.  You can hold out or place the cards and toys in front of the baby during tummy time to help keep their head up!

Lovevery | Learning Through Play for Your Child’s Developing Brain

Lovevery has the best stage-based play essentials for your child’s developing brain!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Senser Play Kit (Months 5-6)

This was the first Play Kit I purchased! From then on, I was hooked!

Why did I wait until the Senser Play Kit?

Easy answer. I hadn’t heard of Lovevery before then!

There was a lot of weight put into whether I liked this box since it was my first one.  If it didn’t meet my expectations, I probably would have canceled my subscription right then and there.

Luckily, the Senser Play Kit was a winner!

My son loved the little socks with rattles, the wooden box filled with cloth tissues to pull, the book “Parts of Me,” the colorful ball, and the wobbly tummy time toy!

Honestly, the tummy time wobbler was very helpful for tummy time.  My baby was captivated by it’s simple movement and even tried to reach for it which encourages early crawling movements. I’d highly recommend the Senser Play Kit.

You can check out the Senser Play Kit and more by clicking right HERE!

The Inspector Play Kit (Months 7-8)

The Inspector Play Kit was so much fun for my son.  The nesting stacking drip drop cups were especially fun for him during bath time.   Also, the Ball Drop Box was amazing! My baby would get to experience learning gross motor skills while learning that something can be there even when you can’t see it!

INSIDER MOM TIP: If your pediatrician requires you to fill out an ASQ Form (Ages and Stages Questionnaire) with each pediatrician visit, you will find that the Lovevery toys often cover many of the types of questions asked on the form! This was so helpful for me that the skills and concepts being practiced with the Play Kits were also ASQ skills in the questionnaire, especially as a first-time mom!

The Explorer Play Kit (Months 9-10)

This Play Kit was great particularly because it included the first blocks and little grips canister set. Activities involving both of those toys were included in the ASQ form from our pediatrician.  I think it asked if your baby could stack 3 blocks or line them up in a row.  For the grip canister set, I believe I was asked in the questionnaire if the baby can open containers and twist off tops.

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The Thinker Play Kit (Months 11-12)

The Thinker Play Set was fun for building hand-eye coordination.  The sliding top box was fun for developing problem-solving skills and the pincer puzzle was particularly helpful in helping my baby practice their pincer grasp.

The Babbler Play Kit (Months 13, 14, 15)

The Babbler Play Kit has a unique toy called the Slide and Seek Ball Run that my son was obsessed with.  My son also loved the flexible wooden stacker, as well as the wooden coin bank set!  This set was amazing for my son to learn about object permanence, stacking skills, color sorting, and fine motor skills.

The Adventurer Play Kit (Months 16, 17, 18)

This Play Kit has an impressive car ramp that my son loved!  It also has a couple of other seriously cool and unique toys! You seriously cannot find toys like this anywhere else for the value!  The garden puzzle was fun and challenging for him at this age.  The fuzzy bug shrub was a hit as well.  The wooden stacking pegboard was amazing for him to make his tall towers.  Even the board book was a hit for him!  (Usually, each Play Kit comes with one board book.)

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lovevery looker play kit

The Realist Play Kit (Months 19, 20, 21)

Such a fun Play Kit for my one-and-a-half-year-old!  The matching puzzle was fun, as well as the lockbox.  I love the skills that these toys worked on developing, such as building concentration and problem-solving!

The Companion Play Kit (Months 22, 23, 24)

This was a great Play Kit! Included in this Play Kit is one of my kid’s favorite toys; the Buckle Barrel! I remember him loving it for such a long time.  We still have it hanging around our family room.  It’s a cylindrical small pillow that has lots of buckles in a couple of different variations.  My kids can practice buckling them all, and even unbuckling them!

Year 2 and Older Play Kits Lovevery Reviews

When my oldest son turned 2, I had just had my second son and life was crazy! I decided to stop auto-ordering the Play Kits at this time! However, I was gifted the Free Spirit Play Kit and included my review below!

The Free Spirit Play Kit (Months 34, 35, 36)

toddler play kits

My son loved this Play Kit as he was about to turn 3 years old! The toys were perfect for a toddler boy.   The wooden camper came with a small key that could open the camper door.  The solid wood stacking blocks were really fun for him (he loves stacking blocks and building towers).  The puzzle board was dun for him to try to piece together all the pieces (try to keep all the pieces together in a zip lock bag since they are kind of small and can easily be lost).  This was a fun one!

Standalone Products Lovevery Reviews

There are several standalone products that Lovevery offers. I am most interested in purchasing the individual toys: Lovevery Play Gym (with Play Mat), the Black and White Card Set, and the Organic Nap Mat! These three are on my invisible wish list for my boys!  (I am interested in the Play Gym and Black and White Card Set because I am expecting another baby.)

However, I do own one standalone product, which I will review for you below:

The Lovevery Block Set

lovevery block set review, lovevery block set reviews, lovevery blocks review

This is the block set of your child’s dreams!

The colors are vibrant, the blocks are smooth, and there are so many fun block types.  They all fit inside the fabric bag that comes with the set.   There are so many fun ways to play with this set, and more than 1 child can easily play with the set at once.   Children can thread blocks together, build high towers, and match different blocks into the wooden box that comes with the set!  Overall, a great gift idea as well!

Finals Thoughts on Lovevery Reviews

So to answer the question: Are the Play Kits Worth It?

My answer is a resounding YES! They are worth it!

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Invest in your child’s learning during their first year and toddler years.  You won’t regret this toy subscription service. Toys can be reused in multiple ways as well! They can be reused for younger siblings.   I didn’t get a chance to buy the first two Play Kits for my son because I hadn’t heard of Lovevery!

And did I mention how awesome it would be to gift someone expecting a new baby the 0-12 weeks Play Kit?

I hope that reading this review answers any questions or concerns you have about the Lovevery Play Kit subscription!

It was a brief review and there is so much more information that could be covered. If you have any additional questions you can check out the Lovevery website here, or send over an email to me at for my personal experience with the Play Kits!

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