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when can babies eat puffs

What are puffs?

Puffs are small solid foods that tend to dissolve fairly quickly in a baby’s mouth.  Baby puffs are the best thing for babies to start working on developing their pincer grasp. Many parents question when can babies eat puffs.

Once your baby reaches around 7 to 9 months of age and starts to develop a pincer grasp, you can try experimenting with introducing puffs and other soft foods.  Some signs of readiness to watch out for when trying out puffs as a new food are:

  • Baby can sit independently on their own
  • Baby can hold up their head in a high chair or infant seat
  • Baby has started watching you eat and chew
  • Baby can tolerate smaller pieces of food and is ready for large pieces of puffs
  • Baby is already eating solid foods that are soft and can move food from a spoon into their throat
  • Baby has more than doubled their birth weight
  • Baby is ready for the next texture to try
when can baby eat puffs

What the American Academy of Pediatrics Says about Solid Foods

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against giving young babies and toddlers high-risk foods such as hard candy, nuts, seeds, or raw carrots.  Hot dogs pose the greatest choking risk and should be avoided as they can get lodged in a baby or toddler’s throat.  Foods such as grapes, popcorn, and nuts are also potentially serious choking hazards that should be given to older toddlers and still be cut lengthwise to prevent any injuries.

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Best Baby Puffs

Gerber Puffs

Gerber Baby Snacks Puffs, Apple Cinnamon, 1.48 Ounce (Pack of 6)

when can babies eat puffs

These Gerber Baby Snack Puffs come in the Apple Cinnamon Flavor as well as five other flavors (banana, peach, strawberry apple, sweet potato, and vanilla). In these Gerber Baby Snack Puffs, the primary ingredient on the ingredients label is rice flour, followed by whole wheat flour.  Vitamins and minerals such as choline bitartrate, iron, and vitamin E are also included in these delicious baby puffs.  The baby puffs are shaped like five-pointed stars.  Wheat starch is used in the ingredients instead of corn starch.

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Gerber Baby Snacks Organic Puffs Variety Pack, Cranberry Orange & Fig Berry, 1.48 Ounce (Pack of 8)

gerber baby puffs, when can my baby eat puffs

Gerber Baby also has a USDA-certified organic line of Grain and Grow baby puffs, such as this cranberry orange and fig berry variety pack.  Organic puffs are naturally flavored with wholesome ingredients that include 10% daily value of vitamin E, iron, and choline.  In addition, one serving will include 2 grams of whole grains for the baby to enjoy.  The variety pack includes 8 packs of the two flavors that you can take with you on the go to satisfy your baby’s needs.  This is a good choice for babies to try as one of their first baby puffs.

Organic Puffs

Happy Baby Organic Superfood Puffs, Variety Pack (Pack of 6)

happy baby puffs, happy baby puff, when can baby start eating puffs

The Happy Baby Organic brand of puffs includes 6 puffs per box, each a different flavor of baby puffs. The Six varieties include apple and broccoli, banana and pumpkin, kale and spinach, purple carrot and blueberry, strawberry and beet, and sweet potato and carrot.  I like how the flavor combinations include a mixture of fruits and vegetables.  These organic superfood puffs are perfect for babies who can eat thicker solids with larger pieces, crawl without their tummy touching the ground, use their jaws to mask food between their gums, and can pick up food using their pincer grasp.

Earth’s Best Organic Kids Snacks, Sesame Street Toddler Snacks

organic baby puffs, when can babies eat baby puffs

These fun organic veggie puffs by Earth’s Best Organic brand are super fun.  There is a big picture of Big Bird from Sesame Street that your baby might recognize.  These are recommended for toddlers age 2+, so if you still have an infant you might want to wait until they are around two years old to try this variety.

Grain Free Puffs

Serenity Kids 6+ Months Grain Free Puffs Toddler & Baby Snack

grain free puffs, serenity grain free puffs, grain free puffs serenity

Serenity Kids’ brand offers an organic grain-free puff that is flavored in broccoli and spinach.  The main ingredient listed is cassava flour, followed by tapioca starch and pea protein.  These grain-free puffs are perfect for a snack for babies or toddlers, have no sugar added, and are made using organic veggies and herbs.

Beech-Nut Toddler Snacks, Original Crispeas Baked Pea Puffs, 1.4 oz Bag (7 Pack)

grain free baby puffs, grain free puffs

These baked pea puffs are a great toddler snack for home or on the go.  They contain no rice, wheat, or corn, and are good for toddlers aged 12 months and up.  It’s a great snack for self-feeding and a healthy one too!  These gluten-free Beech-Nut Crispeas are crunchy, savory, and baked with real peas, sunflower oil, and sea salt.  There are only three ingredients used in this snack.

Rice-Based Puffs Made with Rice Flour

Gerber Puffs Cereal Snack Variety Pack – 1 Apple Cinnamon, 1 Blueberry, 1 Strawberry Apple – 1.48 OZ Each (Pack of 3)

strawberry baby puffs, blueberry baby puffs, apple cinnamon baby puffs

This variety pack of 3 Gerber baby puffs includes apple cinnamon, blueberry, and strawberry apple flavors.   The packing states that a baby should be a crawler and age 8+ months old to eat these baby puffs.  These are tasty and enjoyable snacks parents and caregivers can take with them on the go and keep the baby entertained for a while.

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Best Finger Foods

Whole Grains Puffs

Gerber Snacks for Baby Lil Crunchies, Ranch, 1.48 Ounce (Pack of 6)

baby cheese puffs, cheese puffs for babies

These Lil Crunchies baby snacks contain 2 grams of whole grains per serving, 15% daily value of iron for infants, and 20% daily value of vitamin E for infants.  They are baked and non-GMO.  Carry a package in your diaper bag as an easy way to pull out anytime you want while out and about doing errands or at the grocery store with your baby.  The one pictured here is the ranch flavor, however, there are 5 other flavors you can choose from if you’d prefer to mix and match – apple sweet potato, garden tomato, mild cheddar, vanilla, and veggie dip.

Baby Snacks with Small Amount of Added Sugar

Amara Organic Smoothie Melts – Mixed Red Berries – 6 Resealable Bags

best yogurt melts for babies, baby yogurt melts choking

Amara brand baby snacks have this amazing organic smoothie melts snack that has no added sugars or additives.  This non-GMO snack is so much healthier than other melts out there.  The flavor shown here is the mixed red berries, but there are also beets n’ berries, carrot raspberry, mango carrot, or mighty sweet greens.  The snacks are safe and meltable.  Watch your baby easily pick them up, improve hand-eye coordination, and learn to self-feed while eating these.

Happy Creamies Family Baby Organic Creamies Freeze-Dried Veggie & Fruit Snacks (Pack of 8)

baby yogurt melts, happy baby organic creamies

Happy Baby Organic has an organic Creamies snack that consists of freeze-dried veggies, fruit, and coconut milk.  They have great nutritional value.  These are USDA organic snacks that are also gluten-free.  In addition, these Happy Baby Creamies are free of soy and dairy too!   Even older children will ask for these if they see their younger siblings eating them.  They come in a pack of 8, however, be warned that they will be devoured very quickly!

Benefits of Giving Baby Puffs

Baby puffs are a fun (and delicious) activity for babies aged 7 to 9 months old.  Babies this age can work on their fine motor skills and pincer grasp.  Babies are motivated to pick up the puff and place it into their mouth so they can eat it! Sometimes this motivation is exactly what a baby needs to become an expert in the pincer grasp.  With adult supervision, babies with little fingers pick up small objects and place them in their mouths.

Baby puffs are often a baby’s first finger food.  In fact, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies should aim to eat a variety of foods.  There are so many varieties of baby puffs outlined above in this article to help expose your baby to new fruits, veggies, and textures.

Baby puffs used to be a great way to introduce common allergens to avoid potential food allergies.  However, in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently banned some of the most popular companies specializing in this area, such as SpoonfulOne.  Instead, you can try some peanut butter puffs for babies or other common allergens to stimulate a baby’s immune system.

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when can babies eat puffs, when can baby eat puffs

Can babies eat puffs without teeth?

Yes! Teeth are not required for eating baby puffs because they dissolve pretty easily in a baby’s mouth.   Even babies with teeth may not have a lot of teeth or just one tooth, which will not produce very effective chewing anyway.

Are puffs safe for my baby?

Can my 8-month-old choke on puffs?

An 8-month-old baby should not choke on puffs.  Baby puffs can be part of a baby’s healthy diet if they are used in moderation as a snack or part of their breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Can you give 4-month-old cheese puffs?

A 4-month-old is most likely too young for puffs because they cannot hold their head up on their own.   This can pose problems for eating baby puffs.

Person Holding Babys Hand

Final Thoughts on When Can Babies Eat Puffs

To answer the question “When can babies eat puffs,” the definitive answer is around 7 to 9 months.  In some cases, a 6-month-old baby can attempt to try puffs if they meet the common signs of readiness.  Babies and toddlers over 9 months can eat baby puffs as part of a healthy diet.  Be sure to use baby puffs in moderation at all times, and mix up the variety of baby puffs that you use.  You can add baby puffs t a diet that also consists of other baby-led weaning of solid foods, smooth foods eaten by spoon, or yogurt melts.  My young children always loved sweet potatoes as one of their first solid foods.

Baby can finesse their pincer grasp skills by reaching, holding, and bringing solid baby puffs to their mouth.  This is excellent to develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.   Consider adding baby puffs with whole grains to a baby’s diet and continue to introduce new foods alongside giving baby puffs.  Baby cereal and small snacks like baby puffs are often some of the most common things babies eat at a young age.

When Can Babies Eat Puffs Signs of Readiness

Some of the common signs of readiness that a baby is ready to start eating puffs include that they can keep their head up on their own as well as sit independently alone.

To keep your baby puffs as fresh as possible, only pour out what you need to give the baby right away.   You can stop an opened container in the fridge if you want to keep them fresher for a longer period.

Watch out for heavy metals in the foods you feed baby, including baby puffs.  Heavy metals are found in both store-bought and homemade baby foods, as many heavy metals are naturally occurring in the soil and natural environment.

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