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Caring mother demonstrating picture to crying newborn baby in arms with toy while sitting together in light room at home, black and white baby toys

Black and white baby toys are so important for newborn babies in their first 8 weeks of life.  Babies can only focus on objects that are about 8 to 11 inches away during those first three months of age.  By using as many black and white toys for newborn babies during this time in their life, you will be giving your infant the visual stimulation needed to help develop their brains.

Black and White Toys for Visual Stimulation

Because babies in the newborn weeks can only see in white, black, or grey, parents need to take advantage of black-and-white baby toys to help develop their sight, improve cognitive skills, and increase their focus.

Tummy Time Sensory Play

Newborn babies spend a lot of their day sleeping and eating.  Tummy time is their main activity during the active times of their day, and it’s the perfect opportunity to bring out some black and white toys to stimulate their visual senses, as well as strengthen the baby’s back and neck muscles.

High Contrast Images for Newborn Babies

Because babies will see the world in black and white for at least the first 3 months of their life, high contrast patterns will get their attention and are recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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My 4 Top Picks for Black and White Baby Toys

beiens Baby Book, High Contrast Black and White Book

black and white books

I love how this visual quiet book has high-contrast black and white illustrations as well as primary color images with different textures to stimulate a baby’s brain development.

High Contrast Baby Flashcards, Newborn Brain Development Toys

high contrast cards

Here are 20 simple black-and-white cards with a high-contrast pattern to enhance your baby’s visual stimulation and fine motor skills.

A Black-And-White Book – (Baby Touch) by Ladybird (Board Book)

books black and white

Sometimes the best toys are books! Here is a baby touch book you can bring in your diaper bag or leave in the car. You can pull it out on the go when baby gets fussy and they will be fascinated by the black and white images and textures to touch!

Baby Einstein Black White and Bright Floor Mirror

babies black and white

Make tummy time fun and engaging by pulling out this black and white floor mirror.

High Contrast Black and White Soft Book

Dr. Rapeti Soft Cloth Book for Baby Infant Toddler Kids 6-Pack

black and white pictures for babies

I especially love this 6-pack set of soft cloth books for babies.  You can keep them all together as a set, or you can spread them out and put one in your diaper bag, one in the car, one for tummy time, and one by the diaper changing station!  The possibilities are endless.

newborn black and white images

These are some gorgeous artsy black-and-white flash cards for babies.  By the way, the cards are relatively large for babies to see and touch (5” by 7”).   These two-sided cards come in a pack of 6 cards and have stunning black-and-white pictures.

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 Baby Safe Mirror

Tummy Time Mirror Newborn Toys Infant Toys 0-3 Months

infant black and white images

This baby-safe mirror is a great toy to catch the baby’s eye during tummy time when your baby is also working on their gross motor skills.

Play Mat with Black and White Baby Toys

Lovevery Play Gym Baby Activity and Tummy Time Mat

black and white images for babies

This Lovevery play gym helps your baby to learn how to focus and encourages sensory exploration with its high-contrast colors.

Looker Play Kit

black and white images for infants

The Looker Play Kit by Lovevery contains some truly amazing toys and tools to help your newborn become more aware of the world around them.

High-Contrast Toys

Car Seat Toys Baby Toys 0-3 Months Infant Toys Spiral Stroller Toys

black and white infant images

This spiral toy is a super fun one.  I would use it as a stroller toy to keep the baby entertained while you are out and about.

Musical Toy

Baby Toy Cartoon Animal Stuffed Hanging Rattle Toys

black and white toy

These hanging rattle toys can be used from ages 1 to 18 months and have a pleasant wind chime sound.

Baby Gym

Genius Baby Toys Black, White & Red Activity 3D Playmat & Gym

black and white sensory toys for newborns

This is a gorgeous baby gym that is primarily made with black, white, and red colors.

 Plush Toy

Baby Plush Rattle Toy, Soft Stuffed Animal Rattle with Teether Sound

black and white newborn toys

Are you looking for a baby plush rattle toy? Here is a cute one that has crinkling ears and feet that double as teethers.

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Tiny Love Black and White Baby Toys

Tiny Love Black & White Gymini Infant Activity Play Mat

black and white toys

The Tiny Love Black and White Infant Activity Gym can be used as a classic overhead gym or a tummy time toy. There are so many things in this activity gym for the baby to explore!

Final Thoughts on the Black and White Baby Toys

You can’t go wrong if you pick any of the above toys and books for your newborn baby.  Consider gifting black and white toys to your friends and family that are having baby showers or have recently given birth.  It’s amazing to watch a newborn’s eyes light up when they see high-contrast black-and-white patterns, and you can see their brain activity firing up.

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