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bubble letter n

Bubble Letter N Introduction

Welcome to Bubble Letter N!

If you need free printables of the uppercase Letter N and the lowercase letter N, you’ve come to the right place!

With the large and bold letter N templates below, you can start working on coloring, tracing, and decorating your letters. You can use the free printables to create your own greeting cards, scrapbook pages, and more. There are some fun kid’s activities you can do with the free printable alphabet templates provided below. My kids love to color large letters and hang them up on the refrigerator when they’re done.

Get the FULL Bubble Letter Alphabet from A to Z – CLICK HERE!

What is included in this post?

Free Printables

Provided for you below are free printable uppercase N and lowercase N letter templates available in PDF format for 8.5″ by 11″ paper. Additionally, you will find a free printable drawing tutorial on how to draw the letter N.

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Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorial

The step-by-step drawing tutorial is only four steps long. Once you have completed the drawing tutorial, you will be well on your way to drawing the other letters of the alphabet too. You can even download and save the PDF version of the drawing tutorial in case you forget how to do it.

Alphabet letters are fun for crafting, decorating, games, and educational activities. There are so many resources to purchase it can be overwhelming to narrow down your best options. Luckily, we have gathered the top products for you right here in this article. If you scroll down toward the bottom of the page, you’ll find more detailed descriptions of the best alphabet letters for your next project.

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Or just check out the products right here:

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How to Draw Bubble Letter N: Free Printable

Be sure to save, download, and print this free printable of how to draw the letter N! It includes all four step-by-step visual instructions on how to draw your very own uppercase letter N.

bubble lettering tutorial

How to Draw Bubble Letter N in 4 Steps

Step 1: Start at the top and draw a vertical line down the left side of the letter. Do a U-turn curve at the bottom of the letter bringing the line up in the middle of the letter about halfway up.

bubble letters easy

Step 2: Draw a sharp line down and to the bottom right corner of the letter. Draw a small curve and line going up the right side of the letter.

how to draw a bubble letter n

Step 3: Continue drawing the vertical line up to the top right corner of the letter, then do a U-turn curve down and stop the vertical line about halfway down the letter.

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how to make a bubble letter n

Step 4: Draw a sharp diagonal line towards the top left corner of the letter and connect the letter outline. Add some lines to add depth. You’re all done!

n bubble letter

Bubble Letter N: Free Printable

Here is a free printable of Uppercase N for coloring, tracing, crafting, and all your future DIY projects.

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bubble letter n

Lowercase N Bubble Letter: Free Printable

Enjoy this free printable lowercase N available for instant download as a PDF.

lowercase bubble letter n, bubble letter n lowercase

Here are some alphabet letters for you to grab for home decor, crafting projects, banners, and educational games and activities! You’ll be happy to know that these products are all handpicked by me, a mom of two boys who loves crafting and teaching my children about the alphabet.

Letter Decor

Decorative Wood Letter N | Standing and Hanging Wooden Alphabets Block

letter decor

This is a standing and hanging shabby chic letter N wooden block for your home, office, or upcoming party. Although the letter N is pictured above, this style is available for all 26 letters. I love how well these letters match a rustic farmhouse look. The letters are sturdy and would make a great bridal shower gift or wedding gift.

Alphabet Magnets

Magnet Letters Numbers 78pcs, Strong Magnetic Alphabet Letters

alphabet magnets

Here are some fun alphabet magnets for kids that are durable, fun, and safe. The bright-colored letters are a hit for kids of all ages. These number and letter magnets are useful for learning spelling and counting. The reusable storage bucket is a great addition to keep all 78 pieces organized.

Alphabet Puzzle

Silicone Alphabet Puzzle

alphabet puzzle

I love the soft pastel colors in this silicone alphabet puzzle. This is an awesome gift or toy for preschool-age children through kindergarten-age children that are still learning their letters. The pieces are soft and it’s easy to clean and store. I love how you can use this over and over again and makes learning so enjoyable at a great price point.

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Decorative Letters

3FT Marquee Mosaic Letter Balloon Frame

decorative letters

This is quite an impressive 3-foot-tall party decoration! Available in all letters of the alphabet, this mosaic letter balloon frame is a large pre-cut white foam display that is quick and easy to set up. The only things you need to complete the setup are a hot glue gun and balloons. It only takes about 10 to 30 minutes to assemble this tall and beautiful balloon frame. You can even mix and match letters to create words for your party display.

Final Thoughts on Bubble Letter N

The free printable uppercase and lowercase letter pages are a great resource to print as many times as you want. You can use these free printables to help your children learn letter sounds, formation, identification, and more!

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