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bubble letter m

Bubble Letter M Introduction

Welcome to Bubble Letter M!

Here you will find all things related to the letter M, including free printables, a drawing tutorial, and recommended alphabets products that may be of interest to you!

How can you use the free printables on this page?

The free printable of the letter M will come in handy for scrapbook pages, handmade cards, and other crafting projects. In addition, you can print the letters on the paper of your choice and create banners for your next party.

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What is included in this post?

Free Printables

Included in this article are three printables in size 8.5″ by 11″ PDF format. These free printables include lowercase M, uppercase M, and a four-step drawing tutorial on how to draw the letter M in bubble letters. You can download any of these three free printables by clicking on the “Download Now” button located next to the image of your choice.

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Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorial

Have you ever dreamed of writing your own bubble letters? You will learn how to draw the letter M by following the easy visual and written instructions in our step-by-step tutorial. Once you have mastered drawing one letter, you can move on to the other letters of the alphabet. Creating your own banners and signs will soon become a real possibility!

With so many alphabet products on the market, how do you know which ones are the best quality?

If you take a look at my recommended products down below, you’ll find some of the best alphabet-inspired items on Amazon.

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How to Draw Bubble Letter M: Free Printable

Be sure to save, download, and print this free printable of how to draw the letter M! It includes all four step-by-step visual instructions on how to draw your very own uppercase letter M.

the letter m coloring pages

How to Draw Bubble Letter M in 4 Steps

Step 1: Start at the top and a curved line down on the left side. Then draw a U-turn curve back up towards the middle of the letter.

how to draw a bubble letter m

Step 2: Draw a sharp turn back down to the bottom middle of the letter. Draw a wide U-turn curve back up towards the right side of the letter.

graffiti bubble letter m

Step 3: Draw a sharp turn back down to the bottom right of the letter. Then draw a U-turn curve back up the right side of the letter. Finish the line up at the top of the letter and curve slightly inward.

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m in bubble letter

Step 4: Bring the line down towards the middle of the letter, and then do a sharp turn back up to the left and connect the letter outline. Add some lines to add depth. You’re all done!

bubble letter m uppercase

Bubble Letter M: Free Printable

Here is a free printable of Uppercase M that is perfect for coloring with crayons, colored pencils, and markers.

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coloring pages of the letter m

Lowercase M Bubble Letter: Free Printable

Enjoy this free printable lowercase M available for instant download as a PDF.

bubble letter m lowercase

Are you looking for alphabet letters for your home, work, office, or classroom? If you’re interested in checking out these recommended products, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Alphabet Stencils

Stencil Stop 4″ Tall Alphabet Letters Stencil Kit for Painting & Tracing

alphabet stencils

Reusable and made of plastic, these alphabet stencils are some of the best out there! They are 4″ tall and contain all 26 uppercase letters. You can have fun using these over and over again for all your crafting and DIY projects. The best part about these stencils is you can match up the letters like a jigsaw puzzle and create words that stay in place while you paint or color over them!

Craft Letters

12 Inch Wooden Letter M, 1/4 Inch Thick

craft letters

Are you looking for a large letter M made of unfinished wood for your home or office? This letter can be decorated in so many ways and used to create other words. The 1/4-inch thick wooden letters are available in all letters of the alphabet. The letters are made of premium material and are a classic font.

Foam Letters for Bath

Nuby Bath Tub Alphabet Set, Assorted, 36 Piece Set

foam letters for bath

This is the cutest alphabet letters set for the bathtub. Make the bathtub bright and colorful with this foam letter set! Included in the set are all 26 letters and ten numbers (0-9). Nuby is a trusted brand name with quality products. It’s fun for kids to stick the letters to the sides of the tub.

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Alphabet Stickers

Self-Adhesive Big Font Letters and Numbers Stickers for Classroom

alphabet stickers

Here are some pretty letters that are 4″ tall and self-adhesive. These letters can be used to create signs, banners, and messages on poster boards. You will get 20 sheets of letter stickers that are large and attractive! The best part is they adhere well to so many different surfaces, such as windows, doors, and mailboxes.

Final Thoughts on Bubble Letter M

Free printables of the letter M are so versatile and can be used in many applications. Use the letter M free templates to create a festive banner for work, school, or playtime. Use the free letters to create holiday decor at your next holiday party. Learn how to draw your own letter and use your new skill in a scrapbook or other DIY project.

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